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Diabetes and Wellness Center

TotalCare Pharmacy provides diabetes education program which aims to provide greater awareness about diabetes and provides diabetic patients with important guidance to manage this type of condition. We endeavor to help patients receive reliable assistance and support through diabetes education program that is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. We truly believe that self-management education is vital to the success of diabetes treatment and to reduce diabetes related complications.

Early detection and treatment of diabetes help reduce the risk of other health diseases such as stroke, heart disease, eye disease and nerve disease. With the help of self-management education, assistance and support, chances of experiencing other health complications will surely reduce. At TotalCare Pharmacy, we cater to the needs of diabetic patients by providing them with excellent care and support essential for their total recovery and improvement of their lives.

Who is Eligible?

All diabetic patients are eligible for this program. We do required you to submit a written referral and order from your physician.

Is the program covered by insurance?

Medicare Part B covers this program but other 3rd party insurances differ in coverage. You may ask assistance from our diabetes educator to verify if your insurance is accepted.

How the program works?

All patients are encourage to participate in the learning experience and activities. Since we believe the uniqueness of each patient, diabetes education plan is tailored to the patient’s needs and condition.

The target areas of education include the following:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active
  • Monitoring
  • Taking Medications
  • Problem Solving
  • Healthy Coping
  • Reducing Risk

To inquire about our diabetes and wellness center, please feel free to call TotalCare Pharmacy at 770-962-4071.